50 Years since the Hither green Disaster

on the 5th of November 1967 the terrible disaster happened at Hither Green.

On the anniversary the article page has been updated with more images of the tragic day

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Oh Go On then heres a Thumper

The Cowden Incident

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Welcome to the home of Preserved Thumpers

Welcome to the new or as it really is the slightly tweaked Preserved Thumpers Website

I felt it was time we done a few tweaks as the old thumbnails were a little bit busy so now theres the new thumbnails to the tight based on the liveries the Thumpers carried which will take you to the sub categories.

Beyond that the site is much the same, the articles and features haven't changed its just a new homepage

I also made a new header , even though a lot of people liked it I felt with a large growing section on the Northern Ireland units we needed a header to cover these units too

Thanks for enjoying the site over the years and I hope you will keep enjoying it