In June we were sent these images by Peter Chapman showing the ongoing restoration work to 1118

August 16th & 17th Saw 'Not the last Thump' move to the Lavender Line. 

​The headboards were carried on the supurbly restored 1133 Motor Car along with the trailer which came from 1121

8th March, 1125 ends up becoming a set of coaches for the weekend at the Mid Hants steam gala.

​Image by David Mant

17th January, Peter Chapman from the Dartmoor Railway posted these images of 1118 under restoration at Willition on the West Somerset Railway

Whilst 1125's roof was being painted 1101 was having its interior worked on

​Image by Josh Mears

13th September, Hastings Diesels ran a tour with 1001 to Clacton 

In April we celebrated the first year of our successful Facebook Group

Throughout 2014 many members of our Facebook Group kept us up to date with what was happening in the Thumper World, so using many of their images we have put together a review of 2014

2014 An year in pictures

In May work continued on 1101

July 26th & 27th was the next outing for the Not The Last Thump Headboards but this time was at the East Kent Railway with 1101.

This was a very special day as it marked the units re-entry into service 

​Image by Michael Couldridge

4th May, This was the forst of our Not The Last Thump days. 1125 was turned out for us on the Mid Hants and swell as carrying our headboard the end of the driving trailer was painted yellow

3rd Feb, 1101moves under its own power for the first time in almost 10 years.

​Image by Josh Mears

On 3rd Jan 1125 was in the carridge shed at Ropley having its roof redone 

​Image by Wayne Addy

9th November was the last day in our 'Not the Last Thump' series of events, it was the closest running day to the 10th anniversary of the final tour which was held on 27th November 2004.

The 9th was also Rememberance Sunday so fittingly Unit 1101 carried a wreath on the front.

Tha same day saw 1001 out on the mainline on a tour to Crewe

​Image by Tony Watson

In April work continued on the interior of 1101

28th September, what we thought was to be our last event was held at the Dartmoor Railway with 1133 running the full length of the line which was almost 17 miles.

​as well as 1132 we had the derelict 1128 towed out of the sidings and out on display 

12th July saw the second Not the Last thump event using 205205 at the Epping Ongar Railway

October gave many Thumper fans a nice suprise when Northern Irelands 450 Class No 458 entered preservation.

It was saved by the Downpatrick & County Down Railway south of Belfast and will be running througout 2015

Image by Morgan Young

9th & 10th August saw 'Not the Last Thump' move to the Swindon and Cricklade Railway using 1302.

this was the only 207 to feature in the events as 1317 at the Spa Valley had failed earlier in the year with Turbo Problems. fortunalty there are even bigger plans for 1317 this year 

December made us think about what we can do to beat 2014 so after a vote on the Facebook Group we came up with this, So we wish everyone a happy 2015 and lets hope you Carry on Thumping