Two shots of 977696/60522 at Eastleigh the top one is Feb 1996 and the other is in May 2001

Thanks to Departmentals for the pics

Departmental Units

Sandite Unit 068

This is one of those units which is impossible to find images of, all we can find are a couple of shots of the centre car rotting away at Eastleigh so if you have any shots of it could you please let us know.

We are very grateful to the departmentals website for letting us use these images

Dep No__Orig No___Type____Orig Unit_______Purpose_____________Disposal
977696__60522____TSOL____1011___068____Sandite Unit__________Eastleigh 10/05    
977700__60139____DMBSO__1314___068____Motor Car____________MC Metals 08/92     977701__60910____DTC_____1311___068____Driving Trailer_________MC Metals 08/92