When I photographed the Motor Cars in the scrapyard I had to take a memento home with me and in the cab was this laminated notice.

As there are different types of Sandite its just a warning for crews to use specific Sandite in certain areas

With 977376 leading the three car formation is seen after arriving at Uckfield. Many Sandite units had additional headlights fitted to aid the crew, as Sandite was often laid down after traffic hours 

When scrapping came the trio of vehicles were split up and the motor cars were sent to Margam in South Wales.

Apparently they were in poor mechanical condition but many parts were recovered by the Hastings Diesels Group.

‚ÄčThe images with 977376 (top) and 977377 are both seen just before breaking up

Both Images by Amy Adams

The coach which is rarely photographed in multiple units is the one in the middle.

Many thanks to Peter Cummins and the Departmentals website for letting us use this pic

The trailer 977379 was cut at Mayer Newman in the company of a former Northern Line 1959 unit in 1997

For me this is a doubly sad image as well as a thumper being readied for scrap, I also have a soft spot for the tube train. In 1998 I joined London Underground as a guard and  spent a year working on these units

Image by Nick Youngman

The Motor Cars were not just used to haul Sandite but is seen here hauling a

former REP vehicle which is now used as a test train. 

It is seen at Salisbury on 25th May 1991

Images by John Deadman

This series of images above are all of 1066 on a turn around at Uckfield. Sadly both the unit and this station are no longer with us as there is a new station built at the other side of the level crossing .

The above images by Andy Grant

Departmental Units

Sandite Unit 1067

Former hastings Unit 1002 saw life after withdrawal in the form of a Sandite Unit

The two motor cars and one trailer were converted with another trailer held as reserved but never converted

 Dept No___Orig No___Type____Unit_________New Use___________ Disposal___________Notes 
977376____60002____DMBSO_1002_1066___Sandite Unit_________Margam 03/94      977377____60003____DMBSO_1002_1066___Sandite Unit_________Margam 03/94       977378____60503____TSOL___1002________ Sandite Unit________Vic Berry 11/89______Never converted   977379____60504____TSOL___1002_1066___Sandite Unit_________Mayer Parry 07/98