Another vehicle was inserted into 067's line up this time it was a GUV van which was built to the same loading gauge as the Hastings units

977695 was better known by its nickname "The Swedish Scrubber" the idea was instead of using a sandite compound to give grip on the rails rubber blocks cleaned any crud off the railhead, it wasnt a success and the vehicle was scrapped.

This was a last minute replacementas  it was intended for 60525 from unit 1012 to become the scrubber, but was replaced by the GUV van at the last minute

This is another "stolen" photo I want to thank Brian Loughin, Brian Stanway and the departmentals website.

Departmental Units

Swedish Scrubber & Sandite Unit 1067

​Dept No_Orig No_Type____Orig Unit________Used as_______Disposal_________Notes
977695_60525___TSOL___1012____067____Rail Scrubber___02/92___________Never converted
​977697_60523___TSOL___1011____067____Sandite Unit____Margam 11/94     977698_60014___DMBSO_1011____067____Motor car______Easteligh 12/96     977699_60015___DMBSO _1011____067____Motor car_____Eastleigh 12/96

​977695 was replaced with a former GUV Van 86438/94001 which carried this departmental number

Unit 1067 was the second of the Hastings units to become internal units, incidentally these were the only Hastings Units to carry Network South East Livery

The vehicles came from unit 1011 and composed of 60014(977698), 60015(977699) & 60523(977697).

Image by Mike Pannell

Another view of the unit this time running with the Sandite trailer from 930301.

The width difference between a hastings and standard vehicle can clearly be seen, also by the time this shot was taken the unit has gained a headlight and the number had been given an additional digit making it 1067

Image by Selsden Jc