Unit 1110

Wednesday 25/July 1984 @ Clapham Junction

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Unit 1110            Vehicle            Built            Withdrawn            Status

 DMBSO              60109             09/57           09/87                    Scrapped 04/90

TSO                    60659             10/59           09/87                    Scrapped 06/88

DTC                    60809             09/57           09/87                    Scrapped 06/88

Points of interest :

When Unit 1103 had a collision on its first day in service, Unit 1110 was put into service on the 17th September 1957 as a replacement.

This unit was never involved in any serious collisions or major reforms during its history.

The TSO and DTC were both scrapped at Meyer Newman in June 1987; the DMBSO was cannibalised and eventually taken to Vic Berrys' at Leicester in March/ April 1990