Unit 1114

Image courtesy of Deepgreen 2009 showing 1114 at Eridge in spring 1984

Unit 1114            Vehicle            Built            Withdrawn            Status

DMBSO            60113              10/57            05/88                    Scrapped 10/89

TSO                  60663             10/59            10/89                     Scrapped 10/89

DTC                  60813              09/57            10/89                    Scrapped 10/89

Points of interest :On the 13/11/1959, this was one of  five units to be reduced to 2h and used exclusively on the Mid Hants line. 

During 1975/6, this was one of a number of units that were based at St Leonards and used on the Oxted Line service, but these units had insufficient first class accommodation for this wealthy part of the Surrey commuter belt. A series of conversions took place to convert the former isolated second class cabin, by now converted into a luggage compartment, into a first class cabin. To avoid the mistake of having an isolated cabin ( see feature re Yvonne Laker) The adjoining cabin was reduced to six seats and a linking corridor installed.

This was the first unit to have its engine uprated from 500bhp to 600bhp through the fitting of a MS200 turbocharger and some adaption of the fuel delivery system. Eventually all Hampshire units were so converted.