Unit 1124

Wednesday 8/May /1985 at Portcreek Junction , heading towards Hilsea and Portsmouth 

Picture used by kind permission of Driblix.

Unit 1124       Vehicle                        Built    Withdrawn     Status

DMBSO          60123                        11/59  07/00              Scrapped 09/03

TSO               60669                         11/59  07/00              (P) Throckmorton Airfield

DTC               60823                         11/59  07/00              Scrapped 08/03

Points of interest :

Unit was asbestos stripped in late 1983.

Unit suffered a serious engine failure at Crowborough ( Uckfield Line) in June 1999 and was towed to Eastleigh for repairs, however the repair did not take place and was subsequently stabled at Selhurst for cannibalisation.The DMBSO and DTC was subsequently sent to Immingham for scrapping  in 2003