Unit 1133

the 9th March 1968 sees 1133 now with a yellow warning panel pass the construction site for the bypass in Salisbury 

Image by David John Mant


Unit  1133    Vehicle                        Built    Withdrawn     Status

DMBSO          60151                        06/62  11/04              (P) Lavender Line

TSO                60678                        06/62  11/04              (P) Cold Norton Essex

DTC                60832                        06/62  11/04              (P) Lavender Line   

Points of interest : For more information go to the Unit 1133 page in the preserved units section.

Repainted into NSE livery in 1997 at Eastleigh.

During March 2001 this unit was out of traffic for an engine defect and did not return until  13th Dec of that year. Whilst laid up had most of its wheel sets removed for use on other units. 

The DMBSO and DTC from 1133 are preserved at the Lavender Line. currently it is just the power car 60151 which is servicable as this is recieving all the attention for restoration, 60832 will follow once this one is completed. 

The line saved a 3 car unit but finding it was too big for the line the TSO was sold and it became a farm store in Cold Norton Essex