Unit 1302 / 207203 / 207002

1302 is seen passing through High Brooms in 1986

Image thanks to Alanbus60 

Happily 1302 is now preserved and is seen at its new home on the Swindon & Cricklade Railway undergoing restoration back into its original green livery

Unit 1302             Vehicle            Built            Withdrawn                 Scrapped Status

DMBSO                60127              01/62            01/05                        (P) Swindon & Cricklade

TCL                       60601             01/62            02/92                        Scrapped 05/92

DTSO                   60901              01/62            01/05                        (P) Swindon & Cricklade

Reformed into 207 203 with Ex CEP trailer

TS Ex 1596         70547                                     01/05                        (P) Garden Center, Hungerford

Points of Interest: For more information go to the Unit 1302 page in the Preserved Units section

Originally finished in all over green with an orange painted handrail, also an all over orange cab end. From 1965 during the first repaint obtained small yellow warning panels at the cab ends, with an inverted black triangle on the DMBSO.

The Trailer composite was scrapped  at MC Metals at Glasgow in May 1992.