Unit 1317 / 207017

1317 is now preserved at the Spa Valley Railway where it has undergone a fantastic restoration, so we thought we show an image of it back in 1991 when it carried NSE livery at Clapham Jcn

Image by Tonys Trainz & Buses

Unit 1317             Vehicle            Built            Withdrawn            Status

DMBSO               60142             07/62            02/04                (P) Spa Valley Rly

TCL                     60616             07/62            07/99                (P) Spa Valley Rly

DTSO                  60916             07/62            02/04                (P) Spa Valley Rly

Points of Interest: For more information on this unit go to the Unit 1317 page in the Preserved Units section.

Was the last unit to run in Green livery, being repainted blue in March 1970.

Below are the details of 1317's visits to works up to the end of 1979.   Like a number of DEMUs in the mid-1970s, it received an overhaul at Swindon in 1976/77, and they seemed to take quite a long time over it !.