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On one of it's railtours in 1987 was the Hastings diesels "Swansong", run  jointly by the Hastings Diesels Group and the Southern Electric Group.

In this shot it is seen at Weymouth Quay on August 8th 1987 

Image thanks to Southern Reg

When I first visited St Leonards in 2003 60019 was still in withdrawn condition and its final set number of 203101 can clearly been seen on the front

After all the Hastings Units were withdrawn in '86, a couple lingered on for a short period. Unit 1013 became 202001 for just over a year then became a four car unit and renumbered  20310. This was a short term formation lasting only 3 months.

After it was withdrawn happily the entire unit was preserved by Hastings Diesels Ltd

Vehicle  Type         Original unit 

60018     DMBSO  1013                  to 203101

60019     DMBSO  1013                  to 203101

60527     TSOL      1013                  to 203101

60528     TSOL      1013

60529     TSOL      1013

60709     TFK        1013                  to 203101

This Unit ran in this formation from 07/86 to 12/ 87, it was then reduced to a four car unit and became 203101 unit 03/88 when all 6 vehicles were preserved