Departmental Units

Sandite / De-Icing Unit 930301

205 977939 60145 DMBSO 1127 930301 Tractor Unit (P) St Leonard's     
​205 977940 60149 DMBSO 1131 930301 Tractor Unit (P) St Leonard's
205 977870 60660 TCL 1111 930301 Sandite Unit St Leonard's 08/09
405 977364 10400 TSO 4349 930301 De-iceing Unit (P), Finmere Station 

The last unit is the Sandite/ De-Icer 930301 

This is formed from 2 motor cars from class 205's and center cars which were interchangeable, one being for Sandite the other for De-icing


When they were in service all the maintainence was undertaken by Hastings Diesels and were therefore based at St Leonards.

In this shot 60149(977940) is in the rear part of St Leonard's depot in the area where heavy overhauls were done


The other motor car was 60145(977939) which was parked outside the depot the first time I visited.

Since taking these images both 60145 & 60149 have been sold to Hastings Diesels and are slowly being restored at St Leonard's. There are a couple of more recent shots of them in my article about St Leonard's

The De-icing car 10400(977364) came from a 4 SUB EMU and was never designed to be diesel hauled,

The `Sandite vehicle for 930301 looks more like a DEMU, and it is 60660(977870) which came from unit 1111 or 205205 as it was better known.

This vehicle was part of 1111 and the corridor connections were added when it became 205125 but was removed when the unit became 205205 , it is seen outside St Leonard's Depot.