(above) Seen in your in 2012 Caroline sits in the bay platform coupled up to a DRS 37 waiting for its next duty.

Image by Amy Adams

(below) Caroline looked a little different when first converted, it was fitted with the standard Southern Region 27way jumper cables so it could operated in multiple with a 73 or EMU, it also had the headcode box as it would sometimes be tagged onto the front of a service train

All Images Below by Colin Price

Departmental Units

60755 Inspection Saloon Caroline

975025   60755     TRB        1031       Caroline,  inspection saloon,     Still on Main Line      

The one DEMU which is still in regular use on the main line is 60755.

It started out life as a buffet car on unit 1031 but was converted into an inspection saloon and was 

fitted with control desks at each end. The propelling locomotive can be driven from inside this coach which enables it to travel at speeds of up to 100MPH.

As a buffet car it had a humdrum existence but its life changed once the conversion took place.

In 1981 it conveyed Charles and Diana on the first stage of their honeymoon from Waterloo to Romsey, then just over a year later it was used to convey Pope John Paul II from Gatwick to Victoria.

In 1992 Caroline was the first train to carry passengers into the Channel Tunnel where it conveyed members of the Parliamentary All-Party Channel Tunnel Group.

On 12 December 2008 Caroline was "designated for preservation" following a vote by the Railway Heritage Committee, which means when its no longer needed on the national network it will become the only DEMU vehicle to become part of the national collection.