The first thought most people have when thinking of the 4SRKT is in the class 73's but there were more types of locomotives where it was used.

After the 73's the immediate area people think of is Northern Ireland as they had their own thumpers with the 70 Class (left) and the 80 Class (right)

This image was taken at Belfast Road by John Law

This rare beastie is Bangladesh Railways Meter Gauge 

Built in 1971-2 By English Electric for the Bangladesh Railways, they were fitted with the 4SRKT engine and allocated numbers 3101-3126

This example 3118 is currently the only running example and was photographed at Pahartali on 26.01.2010 Image from M. Najmul Islam

Another 2 of the 3101 class this time its 3114 and a rather dilapidated 3103 in the depot at Pahartali

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The other class of Thumper Northern Ireland had were the 450's this was taken at Downshire by William Ellis

We have a section on the Irish Units on this site, to see more click here 

The South Australia Railway ordered a batch of 500hp shunters from English Electric, these used the 4SRKT engine and there were are a number still in use today

35 of these locomotives were built in 1964 and 8 currently survive the two images of 507 are by Peter Michalak

More about this class can be found at the RailSA Website

The earliest user of the 4SRKT for railway motive power was Egypt in 1950 where they had these 5 car DEMU's for more about these we done an article about these units Click Here

The 4SRKT in other locomotives and units

We all know the thumpers use the English Electric 4SRKT engine but where else was this reliable engine used