Seen at Mayer Newmans in February 1988 is 77508.

Some of the modifications for jumper cables can be seen here in this rare shot, also because it was converted into a centre vehicle the yellow end was repainted

Image by Nick Youngman 


EPB 5710
Tadpole 1205  01/65-01/81

This vehicle never became part of a 204

Main Line Hastings Unit 1001

1001 currently has two former EMU vehicles in the formation these are a former CEP Trailer 70262 and BIG Buffet 69337.

Former CEP 1524/7113 TSOL 70262

When 1001 first took to the main line in preservation it the Hastings Diesel Group obtained 70262 to bolster the amount of passengers the carry until other vehicles could be restored to replace it.

As time went on it has become a popular addition to the unit and it is intended to keep it in the unit

The Image below shows 70262 at Cardiff in 2015 Image by Amy Adams

Departmental Vehicle 977364

 Class 405 (4Sub) Unit 4349 Vehicle 10400

Class 205 Departmental Unit 930301 Vehicle 977364 De-iceing Unit

977364 was originally part of part of 4Sub 4349 and numbered 10400.

it was converted into a de-iceing car and was sandwiched between two former 205 motor cars.

More about the complete unit can be seen here 

‚ÄčImage by Amy Adams

70549 from 207202 is seen departing Hastings in December 2003 

Image by Amy Adams

77507 seen at Edenbridge wearing a fresh coat of paint just weeks before being reformed

Image taken on 5th May 1979 by Tony Watson


EPB 5709
Tadpole 1204  01/65-05/79
Class 204 1402  02/80-11/87

Tadpole 1201 is seen towards the rear of the unit at Ash on 6th January 1976.

Even though there was a good 18 moths to go before the unit is reformed the Hastings vehicles have already been repainted ready

Image by Tony Watson 

The former Tadpole Vehicles

in 1965 six 2 car EPB's were reformed into three 4 car units.

The driving vehicles were used with new centre trailer vehicles leaving the Driving Trailers redundant.

These were formed with the motor cars and and centre coaches from Hastings units 1002-1004.

These ran until 1979 when the Hastings units were reformed. Four of the Driving trailers had their cab control equipment removed and they then became centre cars for the four 205's which were still 2 car units becoming Class 204's

The Coastway Units

In 1995 it was decided to run a through service from Ashford to Brighton, the problem was lack of toilet facilities so it was decided to use former EMU vehicles from CEP Units in the formation to provide toilet facilities.

Four unit were chosen, these had previously been modified with corridor connections these were 205105 (1111), 207101 (1304), 207102 (1305), 207103 (1302)

The units underwent a further renumbering which put them into the 200 series

The vehicles used were

DEMU       CEP       Vehicle

205205    1542       71634

207201    1546      70286

207202    1567      70549

207203    1596      70547


EPB 5701

Tadpole 1201 01/65-05-79

Class 204 1401  07/79-08/79

(above) is 77500 whilst still in its EPB formation at Battersea Park

it came from a book 'Southern Electrics Past and Present' by Graham Waterer published by Ian Allan

An all blue tadpole photographed by Tony Watson at Edenbridge in 1979

Former BIG 7058/2210 Buffet 69337

As the main line tours became popular the sales and refreshments were taking up valuable space in the CEP trailer so it was decided to have its own dedicated vehicle and this came in the form of former BIG Buffet 69337.

Since the demise of the slam door EMU's on the main line these two vehicles have become popular amongst EMU followers who often book on a tour specifically to ride in one of these vehicles

Below 69337 is seen at Tunbridge Wells in 2015

Image by Amy Adams

77503 as part of 1203 seen at Edenbridge by Tony Watson on 25/02/79

The compartments with the yellow labels were for peak hours only and were kept locked by the guard until they were needed

70547 from 207203 survives as an office for a garden centre in Hungerford, when I visited in 2013 I was told it was up for sale but then he went on to say everything on the site was for sale

Image by Amy Adams


EPB 5704
Tadpole1202  01/65-05/79
Class 204 1404   09/79-08/87

Another one of Tony Watsons photographs Edenbridge of 1205 in November 1977


EPB 5711

1206  01/65-11/80
1206  11/80-04/83

(unit reformed with different Hastings vehicles) 

Over the years a small number of EMU vehicles have been used in Thumper formations.

Most famous are the former Tadpole units which later went on to be used in the 204 units and more recently the Ex EMU vehicles used in the main line Hastings unit

77503 awaiting it's fate ay Mayer Newmans scrapyard in February 1988

Image by Nick Youngaman

EMU Vehicles used with Thumpers


 EPB  5708
Tadpole 1203   01/65-05/79
Class 204 1403  03/80-09/87

77510 was used in two separate tadpole formations the first (above) was formed using the shorter Hastings vehicles like all the other Tadpoles, it is seen approaching Tonbridge on 23/03/79.

(Below) Just over 2 years lateron 13/05/81  77510 is at Redhill and has been repainted and formed with longer Hastings vehicles including a first class vehicle which has had most of the compartments decalssified

Both Images by Tony Watson