My encounters with 1001

Like many modern day thumper fans our encounters with Hastings Units is of the preserved unit 1001.

This unit was returned to the main line in 1996 and has been a stalwart ever since.

Until I saw 1001 in 1997 my only other sightings I had of Hastings Units was a Railtour to South Wales in 1985 and seeing the motorcars of 1002 in a scrapyard in 1996.

South Wales Valleys

My first sightings of 1001 was at Barry Island in South Wales on 1st june 1997 where it had been hired in by the Valley Lines TOC to run the services on the day of the Barry Transport festival, I saw it a few times running over the viaduct but my main aim was to travel on it. All day it had been running on various lines but the last booked turn for the day it was to run up the Rhondda Valley to Treherbert. I catch it up to Treherbert not only because it was a steeply graded line and from Cardiff it is more or less a constant climb for around 20 miles, but I also wanted to catch it because at the time I lived in Treherbert.

201 1001 60000 barry-2

1001 arrives at Barry for the last time that day with 60000 leading.

When 1001 arrived at Barry I had worked out where the power car was to stop so I managed to get a nice seat in 60000, as can be seen from the shot above there was a lot of people wanting to catch this particular service.

201 1001 60000 barry-1

Departing Barry Island as we cross the causeway, the disused trackbed alongside the train has now been relaid and is now the Barry Steam railway.

201 1001 60000 treherbert-6

Upon Arrival at Treherbert the unit wasn't turned arround immediately but put in the sidings for a couple of hours, I managed to get permission as I knew many of the train crews based at Treherbert.

202 1013 60018 treherbert-05

At the other end of the train was marshalled was 60018 originally from unit 1013, not at this time it was still a 5 car unit, the Buffet Car still hadn't been added.

201 1001 60501 tsol treherbert-01

Whilst at Treherbert I took the opportunity to take side on shot of the vehicles with the intention of building a model, this is 60501 from 1001 and 16 years on I still haven't built the model.

202 1013 60529 tsol treherbert-01

60529 origionally from 1013

201 1001 70262 tsol (4cep) treherbert-01

The then temporary Ex CEP coach, but this coach has become an equally important part of the train and is now a permanent part of it.

St Leonards 2003

The next year I moved away to London so I have a few years of upheavals but in 2003 I managed to get a visit to St Leonards Depot the home of the Hastings Units.

201 1001 60000 st leonards

60000 sits in the shed at St Leonard's, this vehicle is easily identifiable as it is the only one in the unit with silver window frames.

202 1012 60016 st leonards-3

60012 from unit 1012 sits outside the shed, It had been uncoupled from the rest of the unit and was being shunted onto another road for maintainance.

202 1013 60018 st leonards-02

An unusual shot of Motor Car 60019 uncoupled from the rest of the train at St Leonards.

The Marshlink Services

In 2003 as the DEMU fleet was being rundown a 3 car unit was hired as a standby unit by Southern to operate the Hastings-Ahsford services which is better known as 'The Marshlink'

A few times i travelled down to Hastings to ride on these services, mostly it was the 205's or 207's but a few times it was the Hastings Unit.

202 1012 60016 hastings-12

1001 now a 3 car unit with 60016 leading enters Hastings with a service from Ashford.

202 1013 60529 tsol hastings-05

The center coach used was 60529 originally from 1013, the unit is seen here at Hastings.

201 1001 60000 ashford-02

60000 is seen at the other end of the unit leaving Ashford heading back towards Hastings.

The Last Thump

202 1013 60018 last thump-st leonards-4

The day of the Last Thump Tour in November 2004 I chased the tour around the Southern system so heading from Hastings to Eastbounre I got this shot passing St Leonards of  60019.


The Channel Two Railtour

202 1012 60016 reading 2012-07-07_6

The Channel Two Railtour Heading down to Weston-super-Mare on July 7th 2012, I managed to obtain shots as the train passed through Reading, here is 1001 with 60016 leading.

201 1001 69337 buffet reading 2012-07-07_1

The only vehicle from the Main Line 1001 which hasnt yet been shown is the former BIG Buffet Car, is is seen at Reading on the Channel Two Railtour.

202 1013 60018 reading 2012-07-07_11

at the rear for the Channel Two was 60019.

The Western Forrester

202 1012 60016 reading 2012-09-15_4

A tour to the Dean Forest Railway, 1001 is seen with 60016 leading entering Reading Station on September 15th 2012.

202 1013 60018 reading 2012-09-15_21

60019 at the rear of the railtour passing a modern 458 unit.

202 1013 60018 tilehurst 2012-09-15_7

For the return of the tour I went to a bridge over the main line at Tilehurst where I got this close up of 60018 as it passed through.

202 1012 60016 tilehurst 2012-09-15_12

The other end of the train at Tilehurst.

St Leonards 2012

202 1013 60018 st leonards depot 2012-10-03_247

In 2012 I went back to St Lonards Depot, here is 60018 waiting to be prepped for its next tour.

201 1001 60000 st leonards depot 2012-10-03_1

The vehicle which started it all 60000 itself is currently stored out of service, I done an article about my visit it can be seen by clicking here

Article and Images by Amy Adams