What if there was a need for more Thumpers in the 70's. 

That build would have been based on the Mk2 shell like the Irish 80 Class was so this is what one would have looked like with the BR mods and in Blue & Grey livery

Earlier we mentioned the Northern Ireland 70 Class which was converted from coaching stock, well what if BR(S) decided to dieselise some electric stock for routes such as Weymouth. well here is exactly whats happened with a 4 Cor with a massive engine fitted

And one in Wartime Black

Many people wonder what if the Northern Ireland Railways had ordered a fleet of purpose built Thumpers instead of converting coaches into the 70 Class DEMU

The Southern had the first Electric Pullman with the Brighton Belle well what if they had decided to build a diesel variant to cover a wider range

Into the 80's with the advent of Large Logo Blue, the logo is broken into pieces just like on the Class 73's which inspired this livery

A few years before that at the beginning of nationalisations could have seen BR Black with stainless steel bands and cast numbers like the famous LMS Twins 10000/10001

Fictitious Liveries

As a bit of fun on the facebook group, I have completed a number of photoshopped images on 1101 showing what the Thumpers could have looked like if they were painted in other liveries which were used on the Railways.

As the Thumpers were powered by English Electric this is what one would have looked like if turned out in the famous Deltic Livery

Keeping on the Deltic theme what if the BR Board had decided the motor cars were locomotives and gave them the same livery as loco's like the deltics

Another possibility could have been the standard coaching stock Maroon.

This had been carried on class 309 EMU's so it could well have been a choice for the Thumpers

Another option if they had gone to the Western Region could have been the regions Chocolate and Cream

If they were built a few years earlier they could have seen Blood and Custard Livery

And if they were built before nationalisation they could have seen Southern Malachite livery