These units were reasonably successful but when withdrawn the body was removed from the Underframe and like many coach bodies formed the basis of a bungalow.

Fortunately it was discovered by Stephen Middleton of Stately Trains who saved it.

Everything apart from the body had to be rebuilt so some changes were made. The Underframe is a later LNER example and the decision was taken to fit a modern Diesel engine as there are no original engines surviving and the powered bogie is off a Southern Region EMU and the same as a Thumper.

I know it doesn't share any other components as a Thumper but its the idea of putting a large engine inside the coach to drive a generation is what gives it thumper DNA

At the turn of the last century many railways expremented with railmotors or railcars or whatever the individual companies decided to call them.

Most wee steam powered like the example in Didcot but in 1903  the North Eastern Railway decided to try a Petrol Electric version.

The Thumpers Great Grandad

NER ‚Äč1903 Petrol/Diesel Electric Autocar 3170 

The team have made a stunning job of restoration and its in regular service at the Embsay and Bolton Abbey Railway.

To find out more about this wonderful Unique vehicle have a look at the groups website