Another shot from the newsreel is this one of 1003 seen on a test run, possibly on the Andover line

Thumpers did once hit the silver screen in the 1966 film 'The Great St Trinians Train Robbery'.

Unit 1102 was used on the Longmoor Military Railway where it was the train used by the police to chase the criminals.


Note how for continuity purposes the driving trailer has been given a black triangle on the cab front

At the same time the official photographs were being taken Pathe were also in Eastleigh filming a newsreel

These two images are from a Pathe newsreeel called "Trains old and new" which was made in 1957. Here you see unit 1005 being prepped at Eastligh and moving from the works on a test run

This is 1018 at Crowhurst in 1964 showing off an experimental livery where the yellow warning panel has been extended the full hight of the cab. Image supplied by Mike Pannell

1005 at Eastleigh in 1957, this looks like one of the official photographs taken prior to the launch of the units into service.

This is 3D unit 1314 at Three Bridges in 1967

 image by Tom Burnham

Another 3D this time 1309 at the now closed Heathfield station in the early 60's

Image by Mike Pannell

We have written an article about this film on this site and to see it, click Here

Green Thumpers in colour

Have you noticed how you don't see many colour images of early thumpers? Back in the late 50's colour film was expensive and if people were to use colour film it would be on steam engines which was being taken out of use.

We have managed to acquire a growing set of colour images which we have put together here.

1133 is seen with the front covered in snow at Salisbury on December 9th 1967.

Image by David John Mant

Another view of 1133 again at Salisbury a few month later than the previous image on March 9th 1968

Image by David John Mant

Here is this stunning shot of a 6L leaving Hastings on a london bound service from the late 50's/early 60's. 

the unit had been in service for a few years at this point judging by the amalgamation of dirt on the body side but at this point this unit and the one in the station hadn't received the yellow warning panels.

Image by Andy Jeffries

Hastings bound 1003 from Ashford at Ferry Road Crossing Rye 1964

Image by Andy Jeffries

Here are two images from the collection of Mike Pannell. It shoes 6B 1036 entering Crowhurst in the early 60's, alongside is 2H 1121 the driving trailer of which is now on the Lavender Line.