Ore Depot

Located to the East of Hastings was Ore Depot which was a 4 road shed which was mainly built as an EMU depot but also housed a number on Hastings units.

Ore depot was opened in 1935 and closed in March 1986.

With the closure of Ore depot the work along with many of the Ore drivers was transferred to the neighbouring StLeonard’s West Marina depot.

The depot was demolished in the 1990's.

1001 seen at Ore depot, image by Alan Towler.

withdrawn units sit inside Ore depot  on 24/05/86, by this time the depot had been closed and it was used to house withdrawn Hastings Units.

Image by Martyn Warman

A withdrawn 1017 sits inside the depot on September 21st 1986

Image by Alan Towler.

Ore Depot on March 1st 1972, with a Brighton Belle Passing through the Station on a charter from the the RCTS.

Image from the Aslef Website

Ore Shed on 26th April 1984, as you can see is was located immediately behind the station and in the shed are a couple of EMU's and parked alongside you can see a Hastings Unit

Image from the Aslef Website


A rather deserted Ore Shed on the 2nd Jine 1990.

Image from the Aslef website