The second newsreel we found is about the Kent Coast Electrification which is called "Bringing the sea closer".

Again it is from 1957 and shows a lot of the work involved in the upgrading of the lines in the Kent area.

Early on there is a nice shot of Hastings unit 1002 at Charing Cross followed by a few cab shots. Its not about the DEMU's but I feel the shots of 1002 warrants it being here

A couple of shots in Eastleigh of 1005

1002 is waiting for departure at Charing Cross on the Hastings service.

1003 on test possibly on the Andover line.

The engine room of 1002.

A cab view of 1002.

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Pathe Newsreels

The "Thumpers" have never really been featured in films or TV programmes but there are a couple of the Pathe Newsreels from 1957 which feature Hastings Units.

We have taken the screen shots from the newsreels and used those as a direct link to the Pathe site

The first is a newsreel called "Trains Old and New" which shows the then new Hastings unit 1005 depart from Eastleigh