The outward trip with the two motor cars was on real Time Trains here is the pathing times, as the return was more on a Ad-hoc basis there were no timings published

Once again we want to thanks Howard and Josh for the use of their photos

And Josh Mears took this film of the formation on the crossing at Canterbury

A nice shot of the Delener coupling adaptor which converts the modern couplers to the conventional type, Also an air pipe extension has been added to the EMU

We are fortunate that Howard Lewsey took a series of photos at Minster station as it crept in and we thank him for this series of images

On 27th July 2015 a South Eastern EMU on the Charing Cross to Ramsgate route hit a herd of cows which had wandered onto the track.

The incident happened at in the Godmersham area between Wye an Chilham, I wont go into the incident but here is a BBC report about it.

What makes it interesting is the motive power used to rescue the train, it was the Motor Cars from preserved Hastings Unit 1001.

It left St Leonards at 20:00 getting to Canterbury West at 22:00 then working its way into the posession to rescue  the stricken unit.

As the leading bogie had been derailed the extent of the damage could not be fully  estimated so so be on the safe side the leading bogie was placed on wheelskates which restricted the speed to 5mph.

Thumper to the rescue

A close up of the wheel skates as the unit creeps at 5mph over the level crossing at Canterbury.

Image by Josh Mears

Howard Lewsey also took this Video of the formation coming into Minster