From time to time we had some unusual formations for Thumpers fortunalty we have managed to obtain a few images of some of these which we are sharing here

A 3 car Hastings unit was very unusual but note the newly repainted centre car TFK is 60720 from 1035 and the motor cars are from 1037.

​This move was from Swindon on 28-4-79 and we have an article about in Here

Image by Paul Gainsbury

This image was taken near the wash at St Leonards depot, 73 is hauling a withdrawn Buffet Car and a Tadpole presumably to Eastleigh, we estimate that this shot was taken around August 1979

​Image by Paul Gainsbury

A motor Car in the middle of a formation, presumably being worked to Eastleigh for maintenance the formation is 1016-1037-1004

Image by Ollybus 

Unusual Formations

Whats wrong with this you may ask, well how many 205's have first class in the trailer.

​Its actually formed with a trailer from a 207

This formation with the trailer from 1318 ran with 1120 for a few weeks during March 1979 

​Image by Paul Gainsbury

East Croydon, October 1985
In unusual temporary reformation, a long underframe (6L) Hastings unit power car has been substituted for the usual compartment power car in a 3H unit.

​Words and image by Tony Watson

207.017 stabled between the peaks at Platform 2. At this time, these units were working the peak hour only service to Kensington Olympia.
Close examination shows that the Class 207 power car is paired with a centre and driving trailer from a Class 205.
As I recall, it was usual Southern practice to number a hybrid unit according to the number of the power car. However, where a hybrid unit included coaches of two different widths, they usually gave the number of the wider unit, for obvious reasons to prevent a Restriction 4 unit such as a 205 being sent down the rat hole to Tunbridge Wells West. I can only assume that once that line was closed, there was no need to distinguish between Restrictions 1 and 4, hence the power car number was used.

​Words and Image by Tony Watson