Two Thumpers in the stack

A mixture of of Thumpers and Eastern Region 302's along with some Mk1 coaches can bee seen in this stack. The unit at the top is 204002 and the lower one is 205017

We would like to thanks Nick Youngman for allowing us to use his photos, all images on this page are the copyright of Nick Youngman

205020 is seen in a stack at Vic's with a class 101 DMU alongside

60008 from 1005 is seen in the distance, the tube train just on the left of the picture is a new arrival as it is still on the lorry which is delivering it

An unidentified 205 sitting behind 47415 

Vic Berrys Scrapyard

This famous Leicestershire scrap became natorious for stacking bodyshells of units, coaches and locomotives into a a stack.

Nich youngman managed to to take a few shots of Thumpers in this yard in May 1990, Nick also provided photos for another article about Mayer Newman Scrapyard