Another place where thumpers would occasionally appear was bristol Temple Meads.

Here is a Blue liveried 1111 which these days is better known as 205205

Image courtesy of Barry George

Thumpers on the Western Region

Thumpers are normally considered to be purely Southern Region machines but from time to time they would stray on to the Western Region

Here is a section showing these units on WR metals

1005 & 1036, two numbers which were normally seen together but two clases which were rarley seen together.

In the 1970's there was a Saturday service from Brighton to Exeter using a Hastings Unit. Unit 1036 is seen at Taunton heading towards Exeter alongside Western 1005.

The Westerns were often called the 1000's and the locomotives carried the same numbers as the Hastings Units.

Image by Mike Pannell

Many found their way to Swindon for overhaul and asbestos removal.

Here is 1130 sat outside the asbestos removal shed at Swindon in the summer of 86

Images by  Amy Adams

Another unit which received the same treatment at Swindon was 1302 which was later rebuilt as 207203, this unit has since been preserved ironically at the near by Swindon & Cricklade Railway

Image by  Amy Adams

Five years perviously the service is operated by Class 204 No1401, Even today after the major rebuild of Reading the Basingstoke service still goes from the same platform but now operated by the 2 prototype Class 150's.

Image by John Chisholm

The Tadpole units were regulars at Reading here is a rather grimy 1205 waiting to leave for Guildford on 7th May 1979

Image by Darren Ford

A few units ventured on to the Western on railtours, here 1017 has ventured on to the former Taff Vale Railway as it is on the Cymru DEMU tour in January 1985

Image By Amy Adams

Another railtour takes 1014 though Dawlish Warren as its about to pass the famous sea wall

For more images of this tour Click here 

Image by Southern Reg

One of the regular places where Thumpers would come on to the Western Region was at Reading where they worked the Basingstoke service

This shot shows 205208 in one of the many bay platforms at Reading after arriving from Basingstoke on 19th August 1990

Image by John Chisholm