All the notes in the above section is available below as a downloadable PDF

Technical pages

Thanks to the generosity of Ian Morgan from the Hampshire and Sussex Unit preservation Society, we have been able to reproduce some technical manuals. More will follow but the first two are the Training school "Thumper " Manual and the Drivers Manual. The restrictions on the site mean that I have had to split the documents into smaller parts. Just click on each underlined heading to take you to the revelant link. We have deliberately not enhanced the original typewriter printed text, preferring to leave it just the way it is. The programme will then download a pdf file to your computer / smartphone which you are then free to save. The files are no larger than 2 megabite each and typically around 1.5 mgb......... Enjoy....

Training school Manual for the Thumpers part 1. 

Training school Manual for the Thumpers part 2. 

Training school manual for the Thumpers part 3.


engine diagram


Below is  the original Thumpers Drivers Guide - It is similar to the Training School notes but contains  more detailAgain  each file is less than 2mbs and will be shown on your computer as a PDF download. 


Drivers Guide 1         Drivers Guide 2       Drivers Guide 3

Drivers Guide 4     Drivers Guide 5   Drivers Guide 6   Drivers Guide 7


Compiled by Chris Cannon from material provided by the HSUPS site ‚Äč