1001 stabled in the vast sidings in 1984

Image by by Ian Docwra (Deepgreen2009).

Units 1002 & 1002 are leaving the sidings at Tonbridge with the 15:14 ECS working to Charing Cross, Meanwhile 5L 1035 awaits its next turn of duty and in the distance in the Redhill Siding 1006 is berthed ready for the 16:14 Tonbridge to Edenbridge service.

Taken on Tuesday 24th April 1984 by Andy Grant

Tonbridge wasnt just known for the Hastings units the Tadpoles ran into the station on the Reading services.

In this shot of 1202 passing the West Yard on 23rd March 1979 the unit is being prepered to be disbanded. The Hastings vehicles have been repainted and the trailer is recently outshopped, the Motor Car has also had the the triangle removed off the front, within weeks these vehicles had been reformed into 1002

Image by Tony Watson

An all blue 3D, 1309 is seen leaving Tonbridge in September 1984

Image by Andy Grant

(above) on 11th April 1986 an immaculate 1007 sits in the sidings, it is hard to imagine that this unit was withdrawn a few month later.

Image by Andy Grant

5 September 1985, Unit 1004 leads a 12 coach Hastings-Cannon Street train into Tonbridge.

In the background can be seen a Class 73 which is about to overtake the Hastings Unit, this is on the VSOE Pullmans

‚ÄčImage by Southern Reg

(Above) A non stop Hastings Unit 1003 is seen passing through the station on 8th August 1984

(Below) A London to hastings service is seen departing the platform at Tonbridge

Both images by Andy Grant

Unit 1007 leads the 1444 Hastings-Cannon Street on 24th April 1984. The two railmen carrying fire extinguishers are about to hitch a ride on the unit to deal with a track fire further up the line.

A WR DMU waits on the opposite platform on a Reading train and a 207 can be seen in the background behind the DMU.

‚ÄčImage by Southern Reg

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Located about halfway along the London to Hastings line is Tonbridge, swell as being on a busy junction there is also a large yard where units were often stabled.

I wont go into the general history of the area as that is covered on the Kent Rail Website, but I will just cover Thumpers in the area