More Specs provided by English Electric about the 3 and 5 car units 

Adverts by the BR&CW which also shows off other products produced for other countries around the world

This was the first time I saw a shot of the Egyptian units when I found a lot of English Electric publications I found on line, I later put all these on the site even though they are not Thumper articles I felt they needed to be shown and they can be foundHere

As this page had the technical specs I thought I would put it alongside the page for the Hastings units so the specs can be compared, one thing I noticed is the unit is rated at 800HP where the Hastings were 1000HP. 

Egyptian Thumpers 

The official advertisements 

The units were fitted with Timken Roller Bearings, where as the BR units a few years later had traditional white metal bearings, presumably this decision was made due to the dry dusty atmosphere in Egypt