The newsreel finished off with some shots of a unit being loaded into the ship, the shot above is made up of a few stills from a panning shot which were merged together

There was a brief look inside the cab

this nice a few shots of the cab layout and the window bars fitted to all Egyptian trains

Here is a series of stills showing the DEMU passing through Lye Worcestershire on the Stourbridge extension railway of the GWR

Note that the unit was fitted with electric tail lights but at the time in the UK tail lamps were still mandatory so the lamp has been tied to the rear cow catcher

Egyptian Thumpers

The Pathe Newsreel

The Pathe Newsreel company caught these units on test in the Midlands 

By chance I found a newsreel from Pathe which shows an Express unit being tested on the Midland Main Line in 1951, to see it click here or on any of the photos below.

The film is a review of English Electrics work for 1950-51, the feature starts off with a piece about a Canberra Bomber before concentrating on the Thumper.

If you want to bypass the aircraft scroll through to 03:05

To see the film click Here also they provide a lot higher quality stills albeit with watermarks on, the shots on this section either come from their stills or screen grabs off the film