1101 Fundraising Page

Type your paragraph here.The East Kent Railway is trying to raise £7500 for works on our ever popular Class 205 Thumper Unit!

The EKRs Thumper sees regular use since we managed to return it to service a few years ago after being stored for about 7 years. The EKR would like to be able to undertake some bodywork repairs and replace some more of the vanadlised, scratched glass, especially in the trailer coach. We have undertake vast amounts of work internally on the unit but we need to undertake body repairs before it deteriorates to a state where we cannot keep it in service.

The Thumper, 205001 also known as 1101, was the first built of its type. It has survived 50 years on the mainline and the Cowden Rail Disaster and is an important piece of British history.

Please help us keep this unit alive and working for all to enjoy!

If you want to see the thumper in the flesh, up close and personal, she will be operating with an 08 this Easter £2 days at the EKR.