With all the debris cleared away the leading bogie has been pushed back a good 10 foot and all the workmen are assessing the damage. 

Thanks to Andy Gibbs for supplying the photographs

​It can clearly be seen how far the unit has travelled past the buffers when compared to the buffer stop on the adjacent road.Also intrsting to note is the second coach not only its a First which is normally marshalled in the center of the formation but it originally came from unit 1002 but has been in 1032 for some time as its new unit number is painted on the sole bar.
Charing Cross 11th January 1979

Hastings 6B DEMU 1032 went through the buffer stops of platform 5 at Charing Cross and made an unexpected appearance on the station concourse.
​​These pictures show the recovery.Thanks to Andy Smith for the following additional information:-The cause of this accident was that the 27 way control jumper behind the leading motor coach dropped, causing a sudden loss of EP brake on the 11 coaches behind the motor coach,11 coaches pushing the the motor coach through the stops. If I remember rightly, this was an ECS move in from Grove Park depot. Driver from West Marina depot. Images dated 11/1/79.The motor car is seen the wrong side ​of the buffers at Charing Cross, it has been jacked up and some how will be slid backwards until it can be rebogied.I like the way someone on the station has a sense of humour and changed the platform destination to 'Special'