Godstone 10th June 1970

0ver the years the Hastings DEMU's have suffered from a lot of accidents and it's surprising that HDL have as many vehicles preserved.Here yet another Buffet unit, 1034 this time, is in the dirt.Images from 10/6/70.

​Thanks to Tony Watson for the following information - I remember this incident because I was at school in Tonbridge and commuting by train to Edenbridge. It was a hot day and the Sevenoaks route was already blocked by a buckled rail. The Hastings trains were diverted via Redhill and this up train derailed on a buckled rail at Crowhurst Lane End, between Edenbridge and Godstone, near the site of the old spur to the East Grinstead line. The rear power car sideswiped a platelayers hut which thankfully stopped it going down a bank. 

​Cab damage to the derailed Hastings 6B unit 1034 near Godstone can be seen in the images above. Image dated 10/6/70. This vehicle was rebuilt and lasted in service until the end of the Hastings units in April 86.

​Recovery already under way in the second picture, to lift one of the power cars of 6B unit 1034 back on to the rails at Godstone.Image dated 10/6/70.As the Hastings Units were notorious for rust the open door of the trailer has been patched up, it's common for doors to be patched at the bottom but this is the first time I have seen one patched just below the window. 

​Once again I want to thank Andy Gibbs for letting us use his photos and please take the time to visit his website he has a lot more wonderful images there