October 2016

Firstly due to I apologise for lack of updates this year due to personal commitments, secondly we have a new article about a tragic collision with a Thumper in Northern Ireland, where an 80 Class ran into the back of a stationary train.

Click Here to see it

April 2016

02/04/2016  A new article in the Non Thumper section has been added, this is about a Scrapyard in South Wales which isn't Woodhams, this is about Gwent Demolition which scrapped many EMU's and DMU's in the mid 90's along with departmental Thumper 1066 for more infoClick Here

March 2016

31/03/16  The Lavender Line website confirms that unit 1118 has been confirmed to appear at the Line’s Summer Diesel Gala which will now be taking place over three days between Friday 22nd July to Sunday 24th July 2016.  For further information on the event 'Click Here' to visit the Lavender Lines News page. 

23/03/16  The article about Former EMU Vehicles in DEMU formations has been updated, a couple of electronic glitches got into the page along with us forgetting about the Coastway Units 207201-3  Click Here

20/03/16   The article about Buffet Cars has been extended with some new images of the vehicles supplied by John Atkinson. These new photos include a rare shot of the interior of one of the vehicles Click Here

February 2016

16/02/16 A new article has been written about the former EMU vehicles used in thumper formations Click Here

10/02/16  Hastings Diesels Limited have announced the destinations for their first two Rail Tours.  The first to the Bluebell Railway and the second to the North Norfolk Railway (TBC).  For further details click 'here' to view the Hastings Diesels Ltd website.

January 2016

21/01/16  Operating dates for the Electric Railway at Coventry where Lab 4 is located have provided operating date which can be seen on the Running Dates page (Click 'Here').  For more information on Lab 4 and why featured Click 'Here'.

20/01/16  Hastings Diesels Ltd unit 1001 carried out a return trip between Hastings and Tonbridge West Sidings.

18/01/16  News received stating that unit 1133 will be operating (which will be) the first Preserved Thumper passenger service of 2016 on Sun 31 Jan 16.  Click 'Here' for known running dates of the unit(s).

18/01/16  Hastings Diesels Ltd (HDL) have announced their outline plan for rail tours for 2016.  Click 'Here' to visit HDL rail tour page. 

December 2015

24/12/15  I would like to take this opportunity to wish all visitors and their families a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Many thanks to all those who have contributed not only to this site but also to the Preserved Thumpers Facebook & Flickr page(s). A massive thanks goes to all the support groups that have continued to look after the remaining units and for their efforts over the past year. Merry Christmas

November 2015

27/11/15 The Motor Car from 1313 has been sold for Scrap after being stripped for spares for other units.

The cab and engine room is to be saved as part of the South Wales Loco Cab Preservation Group 

13/11/15  Hastings Unit 1001 will be on private charter duties on 19 December 2015 with its 'Olympia Express' running from Hastings to Kensington Olympia.  Tickets are still available for the 'Salisbury Star 2' rail tour on Saturday 05 December 2015.  For further details and how to book click 'Here'.

05/11/15 Marking the 48th anniversary of the Hither Green derailment where 49 people died and 78 people injured.  For further details on this derailment click'Here'.

 03/11/15  Bookings are being taken for the Hastings Diesels Ltd rail tour with unit 1001 from Hastings to Salisbury on Saturday 05 December 2015.  For further details and how to book click 'Here'.

02/11/15  Unit 1101 will be operating on the East Kent Railway on their '40 shillings' special on Sunday 08 November 2015.  The fair is £2 per trip.  Departures from Shepherdswell are: 11:00, 12:15, 1:45, 3:00 (additional trips may be made if there is the passenger demand to do so) 

01/11/15  Unit 1118 operating on the Dartmoor Railway today as part of the lines 150th anniversary of the lines opening.

October 2015

29/10/15 some information has been found about mishaps and accidents involving thumpers we dont have any images of these incident so we listed at the bottom of the Incidents Page

28/10/15 A couple of new sections have been added the first being Photo of the Month and the second is

​                Non Thumper Articles. also the home page has been tidied up a bit 

16/10/15  On information received, unit 1125 has been booked to work more public running days in 2016 than 2015 at the Mid-Hants Railway(MHR)(Watercress Line).  It is understood that the first public running date of 1125 is February 2016.  Once further details are known details will be promulgated on this website, along with details of other units on other railways.

15/10/15  Marking the anniversary of the Cowden collision where five people lost their lives, the website home page displayed a photograph of the memorial which is at Cowden railway station.  Details of the incident, along with a photograph of the memorial can be found by clicking 'Here'.

September 2015

24/09/15  1001 Private hire, It would appear that Hastings Unit 1001 is on a private charter on Friday 25 September 2015 from Hastings to the Bluebell Railway.  Outward timings/route click 'Here',  Return timings/route click 'Here'.  This is not a public passenger service.  

18/09/15  A busy weekend with ample opportunities to see the Thumper(s) in action:

Saturday 19 September 2015  

Hastings Unit 1001 - Again turning its wheels on the mainline, starting with the Empty Coaching Stock (ECS) move from West St Leonards Depot to Hastings (Click 'Here' for timings), followed by its mainline outing to the Great Central Railway with the 'Leicestershire Belle' rail tour (Click 'Here' for Outward routing and timings)(Click 'Here' for the Return routing and timings),(The final ECS move back to the depot can be seen 'Here').

Dartmoor Railway - The first departure booked for 10:05.  For timetable click 'Here'.

Mid-Hants Railway - The first departure booked for 11:05.  For timetable click 'Here' (Diesel diagram).

Sunday 20 September 2015 

Spa Valley Railway - The first departure booked for 10:00. Click 'Here' for details.

Dartmoor Railway - The first departure booked for 10:05. For timetable click 'Here'.

Eden Valley Railway - This being the final running day of the season, the first booked departure is 11:00. Click 'Here' for details.

Mid-Hants Railway - The first departure booked for 11:05.  For timetable click 'Here' (Diesel diagram).

(The above order of railways made in order of the first booked departure times.)

16/09/15  Mid-Hants Railway has published its timetable for its 'Open Weekend' 19 & 20 September 2015 where in addition to the booked two steam train passenger service, Hampshire Unit 1125 will also be in operation, booked for three return trips equating to 60 miles.  The railway has also announced it will be running a demonstration freight train as well.  The DEMU is shown on the timetable as Diesel.  Click 'Here' for timetable.  Normal fares apply (with the exception to members & shareholders where travel for this event is free.) 

15/09/15  Timings for the Hastings Diesels Limited 'Leicestershire Belle' railtour with unit 1001 have been released.  Click 'Here' for Realtime Trains timing, Click 'Here' for the HDL Released timings. 

14/09/15  The Spa Valley Railway announces that visiting unit 1133 will be in operation Sunday 20 September 2015.  For Further details Click 'Here

02/09/15  There is still space available within the Hastings Unit 1001 'Leicestershire Bell' Rail tour on Saturday 19 September 2015 Hastings to Leicester and Great Central Railway.  Those alighting at Leicester have five hours until the unit returns back through or three hours at the Great Central Railway.  For further details Click 'Here'   

02/09/15  The 'Running Dates' page has been updated with all known public running dates until the end of 2015.  To view Click 'Here'

August 2015

​31/08/15 Last place available on the Spa Valley 'Double Thump' Driving Experience on Sun 06 Sep 15.  For further details: www.spavalleyrailway.co.uk/events/Double_Thumper_Driver_Experience/.  Many thanks needs to go to all those that donated, however small towards the Spa Valleys 'Double Thump' appeal without which the event would not have been such a success without unit 1133 being present from the Lavender Line.

11/08/2015 The article about Blue Thumpers have been extended with the inclusion of some very rare images

06/08/2015 We have a new article about the motor cars from 1001 rescuing a stricken EMU, click here for more.

04/08/15  We have had some photos sent to us from the Eden Valley Railway showing the repaint of 205009 into a GWR Livery which looks great

July 2015

13/07/15 A new article about rebuilding 1317's centre car Click Here

12/07/15 An Article about the Spa Valley Railways Excellent Double Thump event has mysteriously appeared on the site, Click Here

10/07/2015 Wayne Addy Has done an article for us about the Warwickshire Wanderer, the tour by Hastings diesels to Stratford upon Avon Click Here

A Major new section has just been added about individual vehicles where we are trying to get an image of every vehicles especially the trailers in the middle which is the one thing nobody ever photographs.

So far we have done the Hastings Vehicles and as you can see we have got a lot of them but still a long way to getting the lot.

The other classes will follow in due course but the Hasting units took about 3 months to get to this stage

To see the article Click Here 

June 2015

13-06-15 An article has been written for us by Callum Laing about the Lake Express, a retirement special where the Hastings unit was chartered to give farewell to a long standing railway employee for more info click here

05-06-2015 A new article about the delivery of 1118 to its new home on the Dartmoor Railway Click Here

07-06-2015 An update to the article about Egyptian Thumpers, a trade poster was added by Timken the bearing people as they had contributed to this lesser known thumper project Click Here

April 2015

23-04-2015 A new article about Hastings Diesels Green Dragon tour to Cardiff has been added Click Here

March 2015

26-03-2015 A new article about 1301 derailing at Uckfield can be found here

24-03-2015 A number of new photos have been added to the 80 Class fleet list includingMotor car 68which now

                    gives us images of all the Motor Cars, also images of driving trailers 731732733736739 & 740

13-03-2015  A new article has been done about 207202&203 when they were withdrawn and stored at Redhill

​                    Click here for more

                    Also a new photo has been been added of a Hastings Buffet car in the Buffet Car article

12-03-2015 1302 will no longer be running at the Swindon & Cricklade's Shunter & Thumper event

February 2015

20-02-2015 A new article about the Irish Units being built has been added for more info click here

15-02-2015 The Network Southeast have announced a running day with the Epping Ongar Railway with 205205

                   This has been arranged at short notice on 21st Feb and for more info go to their main home page 

​                    http://www.networksoutheast.net

                   ​Tony Watson has also done a new article which will grow with time called Works Records

                   It is planned to eventually have the the dates of all the vehicles when they entered service 

13-02-2015 More dates have been added to the diary page from the Electric Railway Museum

                   The museum houses former Hastings Buffet Vehicle Lab 4 and every effort will be made to open the

                   vehicle up to the public

10-02-2015 New Boy, Tony Watson has done his first article on the website with an article called Life by the Line

                    Also a couple of new images have been added to the article about Posters

08-02-2015 An extra page to the Irish Units has been added with a shot of an 80 Class intermediate trailer

                   Number 780 to see it clickHere

01-02-2015-Sadly we have had to say farewell to the site founder Chris Cannon as he has taken a new job overseas

                    and therefore decided he wouldn't be able to give the site his full attention.

​                     In his place we welcome Tony Watson who is known by many of our Facebook Group members.

                     Tony has a large collection of Thumper photos which he has allowed us to share on the site.

To see his Fickr site click Here

We have also done a brief update on the Hither Green Disaster after realising not all the images got transferred over when we moved servers, to see it click Here

January 2015 

22-01-15- The Mid Hants have released the running dates for 1125 in 2015 all thumper running days are in the diary 

19-01-2015- an update to the Diary Page with the addition of the Swindon & Cricklade's Shunter and Thumper event

03-01-2015, A review of 2014 in photos has been done using images which were posted by members of the

                    Facebook Group. Click Here

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