Uckfield Thumper Driver's Eye View: 
Uckfield to East Croydon
Narrated by Fred Dinenage
​These unique trains have long been called Thumpers due to their distinctive sound. Now, after the units' well earned retirement this record of their unmistakeable sound (from trackside and on board) lives on in stereo. Surprisingly, the Uckfield branch is fascinating in itself. It is the stub of a former through route from Tunbridge Wells to Lewes. Nowadays the route features both single and double track sections. Following the fatal head on collision at Cowden in 1994, strict new operating procedures were put into place including the provision of SPAD (Signal Passed At Danger) signals at stategic points. You will see these as the driver does from the cab. The line runs through classic Kent and Sussex countryside with, surprisingly, only three towns of any significant population. At Oxted we take a brief look inside the signalling centre and then our Thumper, 205 009, runs non-stop to East Croydon. Made in assocation with South Central Trains. Filmed in the summer of 2003. Running time - 61 minutes DVD only


south western
 Filmed on location on the South Western from 1988 to 1994.
Section 1: Bristol Temple Meads to Southampton We join the Bristol Temple Meads to Southampton service at the start of its journey. After stopping at Bath Spa we visit all stations from Salisbury. After arrival at Southampton a service returns.
Section 2: Southampton to Portsmouth Harbour After departing Southampton the service stops at St Denys. We watch units arrive and depart Fareham as the station is being refurbished. After departure we visit all stops on our journey to Portsmouth Harbour. An ECS arrives for Yeovil service.
Section 3: Portsmouth Harbour to Basingstoke On departure from Portsmouth we retrace our journey as far as Fareham then head off towards Botley and Eastleigh. At Winchester we see the InterCity DEMU (this was first featured at the DVD opening). After seeing units at Worting Junction we arrive at Basingstoke.

​Section 4: Basingstoke to Reading This section is based around a cab ride from Basingstoke to Reading. Although internal cab views are shown, at stations Bramley, Mortimer and Reading West we see external arrivals and departures.
Section 5: Reading to Gillingham A return journey is taken to Basingstoke, terminating in the bay. We then pick up another service visiting all stations before terminating in Salisbury bay. From Salisbury we pass through Tisbury and onto Gillingham where our journey ends. Section 6: Additional Events: 205029/028 Thumper Tribute Railtour Sat 19 Feb 1994, 205026 strikes debris near Eastleigh Sun 22 Apr 1990, 207017 passing Richmond on ECS. Sun 26 Mar 1989, 207013 Brockenhurst Intercity DEMU Sun 07 Feb 1993 and 205029 Alton - Alresford at Medstead Sun 07 Feb 1993.  


The Marsh Link and Redhill Class 205 and 207
​The Filmed on location on the South Central from 1988 to 2004. Section 1: Brighton to Ashford We start our journey at Brighton and stop at Lewes, Eastbourne and Bexhill before arriving Hastings. Changing trains at Hastings, we then visit all station stops to Ashford. Upon arrival at Ashford we see both before and after views of the new International station. Our set heads off for fuel.
Section 2: Ashford to Hastings Our empty set arrives from Chart Leacon. We take a return journey to Hastings, again stopping at all stops. At Rye we see our service passing the windmill. When at Hastings we see a number of services arrive - filmed over a 14 year period.
Section 3: Reigate to Tonbridge After our stock departs the sidings we join the service to Redhill and Tonbridge, visiting a number of the stations en route.
Section 4: Tonbridge to London Bridge Weekend engineering work resulted in no direct electric service between Tonbridge and London. A replacement thumper service therefore ran non-stop between Tonbridge and London Bridge. Firstly we see the pair depart Tonbridge, then pass through Redhill and East Croydon, before arriving into London Bridge.
​Section 5: Charing Cross to Ashford Although not our booked Class 205 or 207, this last section covers a ride on the Hastings unit on a timetabled service. First we travel from Charing Cross through Waterloo East to Hastings. Changing days and on a reduced formation we then travel to Ashford International where our journey and this film ends.  

oxted line
The Oxted Line Class 205 & 207 DEMU
​Filmed on location on the South Central from 1986 to 2004.Menu contents: 
Section 1: Uckfield - Oxted We start our journey at the old Uckfield station on the far side of the level crossing in 1990. Taking the next service, we see the thumpers stopping at all stations to Oxted.
Section 2: Oxted - London Bridge After watching the shuffle at Oxted we see the service pass through stations on the run to East Croydon. While at East Croydon we see the lunchtime unit swap. Then onwards we see thumpers pass through a number of suburban stations before finally terminating at London Bridge. 
Section 3: Clapham Junction - Kensington Olympia We take a ride on the shuttle from Clapham Junction platform 2 to Kensington Olympia. Then we return on the same set. At Clapham Junction we see 205029 for another working as well as an evening service which is en route to Victoria. 
Section 4: Victoria - Oxted We witness a morning service from Uckfield arrive before joining another service for Oxted. Racing through Clapham Junction then, after standing at East Croydon, we continue towards Oxted passing all stations. 
​Section 5: Oxted - Uckfield Just as in section one, but in reverse, stopping at all stations. On arrival at Uckfield we see old and new stations and stock in more recent liveries



​Filmed over 30 years, this DVD tells the story of one of Britain's unusual form of traction. The D.E.M.U. was adopted by British Rail (Southern Rail) to eliminate steam trains. The first samples had narrow bodies needed for restricted tunnels. The films of Fred Ivey show them in many locations, then the last trip before retirement. They are seen working on London Transport afterwards and the Kent & East Sussex Railway (KESR) in 1993. A second type, the 'Hampshire' is seen working the Swanage branch before closure. Here also is the last D.E.M.U. day at East Grinstead.

dvd inspection-saloon
 A very unusual cab ride...A Journey on the Inspection Saloon.
​Willesden to Ashford via Kensington Olympia, Wandsworth Road, Lewisham, Slade Green, Crayford spur, Sidcup, Lee spur Junction, Orpington, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, Hastings, Rye and Ashford.The Network Rail Inspection Saloon, numbered 975025, named ‘Caroline’ and painted in the Southern Region green livery travels all over Britain’s rail network, usually being pushed by a Class 37 or 47.This DVD is a journey filmed from the front of ‘Caroline’ as it travelled from Willesden to Ashford in June 2012. Propelled by 37409, the journey takes in various curves and freight only sections of track. From the multi-track sections and built up elevated cityscapes of South London to the single line track between Hastings and Ashford and its open fields and farmland, this is a remarkable journey, not possible on a normal service train.To add to this a special ‘thrash’ cam was placed inside the Class 37, recording the sound of the loco and although pushing a single coach is not really a challenge, the distinct English Electric sound can be heard throughout.Filmed on a fine dry day, complete with commentary and on-screen captions - highlighting all the key locations - this 3 hour 35 minute DVD or Blu-ray features a superb journey around South London and the commuter suburbs of East Sussex and Kent