33111 Passing through on the VSOE Pullmans.

This wasn't part of the events but was nice to see it pass through, 3311 has since been preserved

47479 is coming off the Basingstoke branch on what is now a Cross Country service to Bournemouth 

Deltic D9000 sits proudly at the front of the locomotive line up

Making it a full house for Peaks Class 46 97403 Ixion in research department livery travelled from Derby

There was a couple of units I can't Identify, at the top is a 207 and the bottom is a 205, If anyone saw these units that day and day help identify them please let me know

Article and photos Copyright of Amy Adams

Showing off its then new livery  was 31268

Another unique livery that day was 37116, which made a number of appearances 

Yes we had Thumpers there too.

The Basingstoke-Reading Service was operated by Thumpers and here is 1127 arriving from Reading 

The Western Region representative was Hymek D7018

The celebrity EMU 4SUB/2BIL combination were also on tours, I never had chance to get decent shots as the sun was in the wrong place but these were the best I got

Basingstoke Open Day

26th September 1987

It was a good day for Peaks with D4 Great Gable making an appearance 

Again from the Research department came Class 24  97201 

D100 Sherwood Forester making one of its first debut's in preservation after restoration

The Scottish visitor 27059

On to the electrics, An interesting visitor was EM2 E27000 or 1502.

It was still in its Dutch Livery as It hadn't long arrived back in the country after being retired from service from the Dutch Railways.

These Locomotives were sold by BR to the Dutch Railways when the Woodhead Route was closed, As the lone was unique using 1500V DC power they became redundant so they spent 15 years years working in Holland 

Another unusual electric was 86401 which was showing off its new NSE livery, it was destined to be the only 86 in this livery and returned to this livery when preserved.

Whats interesting about this shot is there is 3 different types of electric traction on display, The 86 25KV overhead, EM2 1500v DC and in the background 73008  750V DC Third Rail

The mainline was busy too with a number of 33/1's with 4TC's here's 33115 heading through to Waterloo

To complete the 1CoCo1 line up Class 40 D213 Andania made an appearance 

On the approach the the event there was another lineup with  25244 Deltic D9019 20064 20030 59001 and in the background Class 40 D200 leaving on a railtour 

D200 was back n fo on rail tours through the day, There were many tours that day so I'm not sure what was what.

It is seen here arriving at Basingstoke and flanked by a Peak and Deltic giving a real 1960's feel 

The open day at Basingstoke was a bit of an unusual one where it was based mostly around one siding, around the down yard

It was an all modern traction event with no steam and where this differed from other open days the locomotives were behind a fence.

All the attractions were on ground alongside the sidings and even though you couldn't get right up to the loco's you could get some excellent photos with the bonus of nobody standing in your way.

Along with the loco's on display there were also a number of tours running from the area

P.S The Thumpers are at the bottom