June 23 1950, Fairey Gyrodine Helicopter

August 11th 1950, New Electric British locomotives (EM1)

October 20th 1950, Scammell Mountaineer

December 15th 1950, The sectional ship

1950 26th May, John Cobb's World Record Breaking Car, Mobil Napier Railton Special

November 24th 1950, SR Merchant Navy

August 18th 1950, 1 1/2 Litre Grand Prix Ferrari

29nd December 1950, Backstage at the Pantomime 

August 25th 1950, H.M.S. Ark Royal

28 July 1950, A giant Diesel Electric Locomotive 

September 22nd 1950, The Worlds Largest Airliner (Bristol Brabazon)

June 02 1950, Pensilvania 6-4-4-6

April 28 1950, London Underground 1938 stock

September 1st 1950, Merryweather Turntable Ladder and Fire Escape

December 1st 1950, The Queen Elizabeth

December 8th 1950, The modern family car-Hillman Minx

1950 19th May, The Gas Turbine-Electric Liner of the Future

July 21st 1950, A British T Class Submarine

November 10th 1950, Saunders-Roe Princess

October 27th1950, LMS Dutchess

November 17th 1950, Carrying 4 1/2 Million gallons of oil

July 14th 1950, Boeing Stratocruiser Speedbird

October 6th 1950, The latest unsinkable Motor-Lifeboat

22nd December 1950, Post Office Railway

April 14 1950, Gas Turbine 18000

July 7th 1950, Fordson Major Tractor

June 09 1950, British Railways, North Sea Night Boat

October 13th 1950, Amazing Underground Flying Crossover Junctions (Camden Town)

June 16 1950, LMS Black 5

June 30 1950, A Dredging Operation

November 3rd 1950, North Sea Trawler

September 15th 1950, Canadian Locomotive

The Eagle Comic Cutaways 1950

September 29nd 1950, The Future Gas-Turbocar

August 4th 1950, A Typical British Flying Boat (Short Solent)

My 5th 1950,DeHavilland Comet

1950 12th May, A Famous British Express, LNER A4 Mallard. 

April 211950,Bringing 10'000 Tons of food to our shores