September 14th 1951, The Furguson Tractor

January 9th 1951, The worlds largest underwater tunnel, The Mersey Tunnel

August 10th 1951, The worlds first jet flying boat fighter

November 30th 1951 Land Rover

December 28th 1951 A new 6-Ton Mobile Crane

February 9th 1951, Turbo-Electric Cargo Ship

June 29th 1951, A Private Motor Yacht

April 4th 1951, How the Eagle is produced

August 24th 1951, The T.W.A Constellation Skyliner

December 21st 1951 H.M. The Kings Christmas Broadcast

March 9th 1951, The 'Creed' Salvage Ship

September 9th 1951, Docking an 83'000 Ton Giant

November 16th 1951 On the footplate, Britannia Locomotive

March 23rd 1951, Road Carrimore Car Transporter

Eagle Comic Cutaways 1951

August 3rd 1951, Racing and Cruising Yachts

August 17th 1951, The Festival ship, Campania

April 27th 1951, Handley Page Hermes

April 20th 1951, An oil burning Canadian Locomotive

February 23rd 1951, Battle Class Destroyer

March 2nd 1951, Great Boulder Dam

October 19th 1951, Beyer Garrett

November 2nd 1951, The New Train Ferry "Saint German"

July 13th 1951, 1 1/2 Litre racing cars

May 18th 1951, A floating suction grain elevator

December 14th 1951 Airspeed Elizabethan

November 9th 1951, A double leaf Bascule Bridge

May 11th 1951, Rules for ships at sea

June 1st 1951, Europes longest Swing Bridge

July 20th 1951, The latest Two Rotered Helicopter

September 28th 1951,The Combine Harvester

May 25th 1951, The Empires Mightiest battleship, HMS Vanguard

May 4th 1951, Festival of Britain

October 26th 1951, Triumph Mayflower

February 2nd 1951, Rotary Snow Plough in Action

July 6 1951, British Railways First Standard Locomotive 

July 27th 1951, Cooper Mk.V Racing Car

October 5th 1951,A Great British water power Scheme

June 8th 1951, Norton TT

December 7th 1951 A special ship for divers

August 31st 1951, The Airship Bournmouth

September 21st 1951,The Royal Ship to Canada

October 12th 1951,The controls of a Trainer Aircraft

November 23rd 1951 A radio controlled target boat

June 22nd 1951, De-Havilland Chipmunk

January 5th 1951, The worlds first turbo-prop airliner, Vickers Viscount