Other 50's on display were 

Top Left- 50048 Dauntless which was on the jacks having a bogie replaced

Top Right- 40046 Ajax which arrived for servicing during the afternoon 

Below Right- 50033 Glorious

Below Left- 50001 Dreadnaught

50003 Temeraire

Header Pic- 500008 Thunderer 50015 Valiant & 50031 Hood Lined up together outside the shed

Above Left- 50050 Newley repainted with original number D400 was the star of the show

Above Right- Celebrity loco 50007 Sir Edward Elgar was in a shabby condition, I think it may have been withdrawn at that point but I could be wrong

Top- 47707 Holyrood 

Middle- 47458 Country of Cambridgeshire 

Bottom 58027 & 58041

Other locomotives on site

50036 Victorious

50020 Revenge

50043 Eagle

Top Left-  59005 Alan J Day

Top Right- 59102 Village of Chantry. This was named on the day

Lower Left- Class 122 55012 which was repainted for the show

Lower Right-  20110 This had just been preserved and had stopped off en route to the South Devon Railway

Near the depot on there was some more sidings and we had to do down to have a look, in there was more withdrawn 50's.

Not knowing If we were allowed in we were looking over the fence and we saw a BR worker which we approached.

He said 'just don't go near the main line' and let us walk by, so these are the photos from that additional trip

50042 Triumph

Laira Open day

15 September 1991

The famous Western Line up

The locos are Left to Right

D1010 Western Campaigner (Green)

D1013 Western Ranger (Blue)

D1015 Western Champion (Ochre)

D1023 Western Fusilier (Maroon with warning panel)

D1062 Western Courier (Maroon with Yellow end)

The Laira open day was pretty unique as far as depot open days go, this was in the last few months of the Class 50's so most of the remaining loco's were there, also it was the first time the Class 52 Westerns had been brought together in preservation bringing 5 of the 6 survivors together 

A Number of 50's were displayed on the scrap road 

Top left- 50010 Monarch

Top Right- 50017 Royal Oak

Lower Left- 50027 Lion      

Lower Right- 50037 Illustrious

50026 Indomitable

50045 Achilles 

Also if you want more details of what was on display that day there is an excellent website called BR Open Days which is a valuable resource 

Top Left- 08645 Does some last minute shunting before the show opened

Top Right- 25175 (D7523)

Centre Left-  31495 & 86609

Centre Right-  Hymek D7018 & Warship D821

Bottom Left-  Peak 45144

Bottom Right Deltic 55015 Tulyar