25270 before and during the cutting process

25069 is sandwiched in the middle of a trio of 25's

08004, 08353 & 08186 are in a partially dismantled state outside the works

EMU's were also broken up there the lower shot is showing a unit stored in the East Yard until space could be found in the breaking area

A path round the back gave some good shots, from top is 25104 followed by 25138 & 25221 and the last two showing 25186 with a couple of unidentified 08's

Most railways works had scrapyards attached and Swindon like the other works had one.

during 1986-88 I had done many trips past the works and got many photos of locomotives in various states of dismantling .

The works themselves had officially closed in 1985 but breaking continued on site for a few years afterwards, I was fortunate one day to have gained access through a hole in the fence and got some unique photos

25157 along with an unidentified 25, I has been given an non standard name of 'The Flying Pig', does anyone know if it was given this nickname in service or something that someone with a tin of pain thought of

I think this is 40193, I have come to this conclusion as I think its the last 40 scrapped there. 

If anyone can confirm or deny this could you please let me know

It wasn't all doom and gloom as at the time 1015 Western Champion was being restored in the middle of the cutting yard

46044 (above) & 46017 (below) were both scrapped there

an engineless 08265 awaits its doom

A fire damaged 25076, presumably this is why it was withdrawn

The Swindon Works Scrapyard