A three-car set of (the now scrapped) 70-class railcars awaits departure from York Road station (replaced by Yorkgate) with the 12.10 to Larne Harbour. Based on the British Rail “Hastings” DEMU trains, they were the last passenger stock built in Belfast.

​Image and words by Albert Bridge

73 is seen leading a 6 car formation at York Road in 77

Image by Tom Burnham

Seen at Belfast York Road alongside Class 80 No 91 in 1983

Image by John Law

Northern Ireland Railways

70 Class Motor Car No 73

70-class DEMU at Spencestown level crossing
Although only mounting a 550hp English Electric 4SRKT diesel engine, the UTA built 70-class DEMUs were capable of prodigious haulage feats.
The rostered steam locomotive having failed, care of a return "Portrush Flyer" from Portrush to Belfast was entrusted to single 70-class power car No. 73 "River Roe", which is seen - in fast failing light - approaching Spencestown level crossing south of Ballymena.

Image from the Turf Burner