Northern Ireland Railways

70 Class Motor Car No 75

The last 70 class thumper in service with no 75 'River Maine' at the head. The power cars of these were built by the Ulster Transport Authority at Duncrue Street, Belfast in 1966, while the trailers were rebuilt from steam-hauled stock. This shot is in the halt at Downshire looking towards Belfast, one week before the set was withdrawn in August 1986.

The stock was (I think) mostly ex-NCC and the 8 70 class units were built for the Belfast York Road > Londonderry Waterside service on the former NCC main line. They were built in 1966 though, so the Southern Railway units are a much older type. The UTA/NIR also used pairs of 70 class power cars back to back to haul freight trains on the Derry line.

Image by William Ellis