On 26th January 1976 The BBC news programme 'Nationwide' made a short film about Belfast .

Regional reporter Diane Harron and Michael Barrett on a tour of Belfast. This ended up at Belfast Central station, now Lanyon Place while it was under construction, they arrive on a Thumper with trailer 738 leading

Northern Ireland Railways

80 Class Driving Trailer 738

Diane Harron and Michael Barrett are seen departing the train and walking down the platform.

The film was shown on the BBC Archile Facebook page and to access it Click Here

A nasty shot of 738 being scrapped at Ballymena on Febuary 15th 2011

Image by Bex Reddy

A three-car “80” class set (738,764,92) approaching the entrance to Castlerock tunnel with the 14.10 Belfast Central – Londonderry (via Lisburn 

Image by Albert Bridge