Another shot we had was one posted by Martin Baumann in our Facebook Group which came from his vast collection 

​This is of 95 at Derby on 31-03-78

A shot we found on line of two 80 Class trailers at Derby

​These are temporally fitted with BR Gauge bogies to enable movement around the works

​This was taken on the 10th September 1977 and the vehicles are possibly 740 & 741

​Image by Derek Patterson

Another two vehicles the one centre looks like a centre car and the one on the right is a driving trailer

Above is a 450 Power Car under construction, this may be 454 as there is a 4 marked on the body with chalk in a few places.

An error in the book refers to these as a 451 Class not 450

The Thumpers built for Northern Ireland the 80 and 450 Class were built in England at Derby and shipped over.

We found some images in a book about BREL which is what the BR works were known as in the 80's by Colin J Marsden showing some vehicles under construction.

​The shot above shows a trailer vehicle for an 80 Class under construction 

Northern Ireland Railways

Thumpers Under Construction