Power car 94 pushes a class 80 set up Ballyboyland Bank for the last time. This English Electric class had operated for NIR for over 37 years. 

We would like to thanks Gareth McLauchlin for the Images and Text.

Gareth also done a short video about the trip what can be seen here

Power Car 90 leads a class 80 set up Ballyboyland bank for the last time.

Power car 94 gets refuelled in Coleraine.

Class 80 set power car 90 stabled in Coleraine on its last visit to the Derry line. 
A Class 80 set heads north for the last time past Killagan. It was raining rather heavy at the time!! 

80 Class Farewell Tour

25th September 2011

On Sunday 25th September 2011, the Modern Railway Society of Ireland operated an 80 Class railtour on the NIR Network.

 The route taken on the tour was:
Belfast Central - Dundalk - Belfast Central - Coleraine - Belfast Central - Larne Harbour - Belfast Central - Bangor - Belfast Central.

The 80 Class set used on the railtour was 8090 + 8749 + 8752 + 8094.
This was the last passenger working of the 80 class on the NIR network as the trains as due for withdrawal at the end of the tour.

We have been supplied images by Gareth McLauchlin who photgraphed the tour in various locations

Power car 94 at the refuelling point in Coleraine.