Jordanstown, 29/10/2014: 69 Leading To York Road

Yorkgate, 28/10/2014: 69 Leading To Portadown

Kilmore, 24/10/2014: 69 Leading to Portadown

NIR 80 Class Sandite 2014 Morgan Young has done another article for us about the Sandite Unit running Northern Ireland he has managed to photographed the unit in many places in the Belfast area.

Since the 80 Class units were taken out of service a few years ago a couple have lived on as Sandite Units.
Sandite is a sticky substance which is applied to the top of the rail in Autumn and Winter which sets hard which stops the trains slipping on wet or slimy rails. The train used to do this is converted from old passenger stock which makes the 80 Class perfect for the job. The formation for the Sandite train normally consists of four vehicles; three of them are motor cars for traction and the fourth is a trailer which has been modified to house the sandite equipment.

Belfast Central, 29/10/2014: 94 Leading To Carrickfergus

Craigavon Lakes, 27/10/2014: 69 Leading To Portadown

Silverwood, 27/10/2014: 94 Leading To Bangor

Marino, 31/10/2014: 69 Leading To Belfast

We would like to thank Morgan Young for the article and his images.

The copyright for these images remains with Morgan

Holywood Bank, 28/10/2014: 94 Leading To Bangor

Moira, 24/10/2014: 94 Leading To Bangor

Lisburn, 30/10/2014: 69 Leading To Portadown

Knockmore, 30/10/2014: 94 Leading To Bangor

Greenisland, 29/10/2014: 94 Leading To Carrickfergus

Helen's Bay, 31/10/2014: 94 Leading To Bangor

Dargan Bridge, 31/10/2014: 69 Leading To Portadown

Marino, 28/10/2014: 69 Leading To Belfast

York Road, 28/10/2014: Parked up in York Road Depot

Musgrave, 29/10/2014: 69 Leading To Portadown

Belfast, 29/10/2014: 94 Leading To Bangor