The Sandite Set usually sits beind 8090, but as aforementioned, was recently moved into the main workshop.
After 80 Class power car 8097 suffered irreparable engine damage a few years back, it was used as a trailer car and fitted with sandite-spraying equipment and now spends its Autumns trekking up and down the NIR system as part of the Sandite Set.
The 4SRKT enginethat once powered 548. It's been silent ever since March 2012.
Lone 80 Class DVT, No. 879, sits on an isolated section of track only accessible by traverser.   These photos were all taken on the 26th of July 2014, with permission from Translink.   Oh, and in case you were wondering, the only Thumpers on NIR that aren't in York Road are: 
The passenger area of 80 Class DVT, No. 8752, now a part of the Sandite Train.
Driver's View from 458. This was taken from the cab of the Power Car.
York Road Depot is NIR's main enginering base, and houses much of NIR's stored stock in addition to maintaining the active fleet. 
​Although in its heyday York Road was teeming with Thumpers, nowadays only a few members of the 80 and 450 Classes survive within the yard. 
Lone 80 Class Power Car, No. 8090, sits alongside a C3K unit in ''The Motorway Siding''. This unit is a spare for the Sandite Train.
The Sandite set
This is composed of 8069, 8097, 8752 and 8094, was moved into the main shed a day before this photo was taken. 
458 ''Antrim Castle'' has been in store in this siding since 03/02/2013.
80 Class Power Car 8089, at Ballymena... (Photo taken through fence)
The cab of 80 Class Power Car 8097.
A final head-on view of 458.
458 Alongside some Enterprise stock, including a MkIII generator van.
80 Class DVT, No. 8752 seen from the tool storage area
The engineroom of 80 Class Power Car 8069.
York Road's Thumpers

​By Morgan Young

A very rare view of 80 Class power car 8094, made possible thanks to the Workshop pit
A couple of shots showing the passenger area of 458.
The condition of the interior is a bit worse for wear in some places.
The Sandite set is currently undergoing preparatory maintenance for 2014's Sandite Season.
The passenger area of 8097. 
Of course, it's been a very long time since the unit actually carried any passengers.
And 450 Class 455, also at Ballymena. (Photo taken through fence)

We would like to thank Morgan Young for the article and all images on this page are by Morgan and the copyright remains with him 

Another rare view, this time beneath the Sandite Set looking towards 8069
The DVT cab of 458.