Some of the cranes used for the job, apparently the lattice crane was one of the worlds largest mobile cranes, the second crane was huge and that was being used as the support crane use to assemble the big one.

Also a couple of shots of the huge trucks used to bring in the crane components

one of the wagon bodies being removed and placed straight on the back of a truck

One of the wagons being taken away by road

May 4th 1998 was a regular bank holiday Monday in Cardiff, until an Iron Ore train from Port Talbot passed through on its way to Llanwern.

Just east of the station around 11 wagons derailed and when it reached the paintwork just outside the station all heel broke loose.

ass 4 lines on the approach were blocked leaving thousands of Bank Holiday visitors stranded.

It closed the services East of the station for at couple of weeks, also at the same time the valley lines services were being affected due to a resignalling scheme going on.

During the clean up period I visited a couple of times and the last visit the valley lines had reopened and at the time loco hauled services were running to Rhumney which enabled me to get many of these photos from a passing train

Various bogies in the process of removal

A few shots of the mangled wagons and general carnage taken from a train heading to Rhumney

Down at ground level on the corner of Custom House St and Bute St, it shows that all that area is built up on a viaduct and made recovery even harder.

Iron Ore Train Derailment 

Cardiff, 4th May 1998

The only trains through the station during that period were linked to the clean up.

Above Left is 56083 removing the undamaged wagons and Above Right is 37696 with the breakdown train