The Class 73's

Over the years we have often been asked why we don't have Class 73's as they have the same engine.

Its quite simple really the Thumpers may have the same engine but the 73's are a locomotive which can run off diesel and electric and a Thumper is a Multiple Unit which is diesel only. In addition the 73's have a totally different exhaust which looses the famous Thump which we all love.

So as we have often be asked about the 73's we have put together a gallery of images in many of the different liveries they carried.

Then came Blue, initially light blue or Electric Blue as it was called, there was two slight variants of liveries one plain and the other with a grey stripe.

‚ÄčE6005 & E6006 are seen carrying both variants on the Severn Valley Railway in 2008

The 73's were probably the first to carry Intercity Livery as it was intended for use on the Gatwick Express.

73123 is seen in 1985 at the Cardiff Canton open day. At the time there was no intercity branding just the plain BR logo on the side, the loco carries the name Gatwick Express and was named not that long before this event.

These are only a few of the liveries and livery variations carried by the class, to cover it properly we would have to set up a whole new website.

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The first livery carried was green and grey which only the first few machines carried.

E6003 is now preserved in this livery and is seen in the shed at the Swindon & Cricklade Railway

Many of the fleet gained Large Loco livery, this is 73138 at Victoria in 1986 on the Gatwick Express in 1986

Standard Rail Blue was carried by all the locos from the early 70's.

This is 73118 at Victoria after just arriving on the Gatwick Express in 1986