Even though I run this website about Thumpers my day job is a driver on London Undergrounds District Line.

I drove the D78's or just 'D'Stock as we knew them as since 200 until the end in 2017.

I got a lot of photos during the last days especially in depots so I thought I may as well do an article about them.

The final trip of the D's ran on the 7th of May 2017. I was working later that day but I went into work early to see it on its final leg and entering the depot

Most people dont realise there was a second unit readied as a spare in case something happened 7526/7037 was kept in the depot but was fully redied with all the vinyls

The same day as the final tour I took this shot of 7012 which hadnt long been transferred to the museum.

A selectrion of graphics carried on the last train.

the poster and set numbers were printed out and removed by myself at the end of the tour

I took a few shots inside the train after the tour, it had all the MA's tripped out and apart from the odd air hiss the train had a sad silence to it

The train entering Ealing Common Depot.

This was the very last time a conventional D Stock entered the depot, the only other time since a D has entered the depot has been one of the conversions for Sandite use

My first glimpse of the train that day was at Acton Town where I saw it heading up the bank.

That units in the last train were 7032 west end and 7007 east end

Last days of The D Stock

A couple of weeks before the last D was run in service and the same unit as the final tour was used.

The only shots I managed to get of it was in the depot a couple of days later with the white vinyls, it is in the company of 7057 & 7037

7018/7057  was already withdrawn and still in the depot so it was good to see three units for the last time